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Seller Frequently Asked Questions

The RobotShop Marketplace is a niche Marketplace for all things robotics. Our easy to use platform lets you list your products on the RobotShop websites and effectively reach the largest customer base in the robotics market. You decide your product pricing, shipping fees, showcase your brand and content, and ship orders to your customers. We provide an easy to use vendor portal, process payments, take care of fraud prevention and help you succeed.
It is quick and easy to sign up to the RobotShop Marketplace. Fill out the application form online and once we have approved your application, we will send you login information to your optimized seller portal. Our in-house onboarding staff will help you setup your store and add your products. You will be ready to sell your products within minutes.
To sell on the RobotShop Marketplace there are No membership fees and/or listing fees. The only fees charged is 13% commission on all orders placed through the Marketplace. There are no hidden fees and fees do not vary by category. It is one price for all.
You can sell in the currencies provided by RobotShop based on the chosen website. Available currencies are US Dollars ($), Canadian Dollars ($), Euros (€) and Sterling Pounds (£) . More currencies will be added in the future. If you sell in only one country/currency, RobotShop will provide payment in this currency. If you sell in more than one currency, payment will be rendered in US dollars.
Yes, RobotShop provides safe transactions for sellers. RobotShop handles all payments and fraud protection. In case of a fraud, the seller will not be liable.
You will handle all customer service inquiries as well as technical support for your products through the RobotShop Marketplace messaging system.
The RobotShop Marketplace is a niche Marketplace for Robotics and Robotics related products. Large categories of products are Robot Parts, Robots and Kits, Robotics Education, Robot Toys, Domestic Robots, Professional Robots and much more. Robotics is everywhere in our homes, in education, in all services and all industries, under water, in the field, in the air, in space etc. Visit to view all categories or contact us to suggest new categories.
When selling on the RobotShop Marketplace, you can sell products to multiple countries. You may select the countries you ship to and can add or remove new countries at any time.
You will be able to select your shipping companies as well as shipping fees based on the weight of your products. Different shipping fees can be added per country/region.
You will create your product listings either via the RobotShop API, Importing a flat file or listing manually in the vendor portal. The in-house onboarding team will provide tips for good content.