360° Omni-Directional Triangulation Lidar, 8m, D200 Developer Kit w/ LD14P Lidar

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Manufacturer #: D200 LiDAR Kit

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  • 360° Omni-directional Triangulation Lidar, 8m Radius Ranging, Software Start-stop Control, D200 Developer Kit with LD14P Lidar
  • Features 360° Omni-directional Triangulation Lidar
  • Equipped with glass wall detection to prevent collisions
  • Suitable for use in environments with up to 80000 Lux of light
  • Utilizes low power infrared laser for human and pet safety
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy installation

The 360° Omni-Directional Triangulation Lidar, 8m, D200 Developer Kit w/ LD14P Lidar is a sophisticated piece of technology designed for robot positioning and UART communication. The LD14P Lidar, included in the kit, is capable of sensing environmental information over a longer range, enhancing the robots ability to navigate and map larger areas while gathering more comprehensive environmental data.

The LD14P Lidar is equipped with a feature that allows for the detection of glass walls at specific angles, which significantly reduces the likelihood of collisions during robot operation. This not only extends the lifespan of the machine but also enhances safety. The Lidar operates by rotating clockwise in the ranging core, enabling it to perform a 360° scan of the surrounding environment and gather data on the plane point cloud of the space it occupies.

The LD14P Lidar is designed with superior filter processing technology, making it suitable for use in environments with up to 80000 Lux of strong light. It can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. With a ranging frequency of 4000 Hz, it can easily scan the outline of the scene within the ranging range, facilitating fast and accurate mapping.

The D200 Developer Kits LD14P Lidar utilizes triangulation radar technology to enable independent mapping and obstacle detection for the robot. Despite its high performance, it has a thin and lightweight structure design, making it smaller in size, lower in power consumption, and easier to install. This makes it adaptable to a variety of robot types.

The LD14P Lidar uses a low power infrared laser emitter as the light source, driven by modulated pulses. This ensures the safety of humans and pets as the laser completes the emitting action in a very short period of time, adhering to the FDA Class 1 human eye safety rating. Furthermore, the LD14P Lidar features a high-performance light-sensitive CMOS, offering higher efficiency, more stable performance, denser data collection points, and more accurate mapping.

It is important to note that the LD14P Lidar is designed with safety in mind, using a low power infrared laser emitter as the light source. This adheres to the FDA Class 1 human eye safety rating, ensuring the safety of humans and pets.

  • 1x LD14P Lidar
  • 1x 4-Pin Cable ~ 9cm
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1x Packaging Box
  • 96.3 x 59.8 x 38.8 mm
Ranging Distance(m) 0.1≤D≤0.5 0.5<D≤1 1≤D≤2 2≤D≤4 4≤D≤6 6≤D≤8
White target
Ranging Accuracy
±5mm ±10mm ±1.0% ±1.0% ±1.0% ±1.5%
Black target
Ranging Accuracy
±7mm ±12mm ±1.2% ±1.2% ±1.5% NA


1. The reflectivity of the white target is 80%, the reflectivity of the black target is 4.0% (tested by C84-III Reflectometer).
2. Raning accuracy: each point is within ±1° horizontal from the center of the acquisition baffle, calculate the average value of 30 consecutive data

  • Ranging Range: 0.1 ~ 8.0 m
  • Scanning Frequency: 6 Hz by default, 2 ~ 8 Hz externally controllable
  • Scanning Angle: 360°
  • Ranging Frequency: 4000 Hz
  • Ambient Light Tolerance: 80000 Lux
    (tested under sunlight condition, for reference only -actual data may be affected by environmental factors)
  • Wavelength: 775 ~ 800nm (Typ 793)
  • Communication Interface: UART @230400
  • Power Supply: DC 5V±10%
  • Power Consumption: ≤ 1.5 W
  • Operating Current: ≤ 300 mA
  • Weight: 101 g
  • Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 50 °C
  • Lifetime: 2200 hours

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