Arduino Nano ESP32 with Headers

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  • Arduino Nano ESP32 with Headers
  • Offers a powerful addition to the Arduino ecosystem
  • Arduino IoT Cloud compatible
  • Onboard 384 KB ROM and 512 KB SRAM memory
  • USB connector: USB-C
  • Input voltage (nominal): 6 - 21 V

The Arduino Nano ESP32 with headers offers a powerful addition to the Arduino ecosystem that brings the popular ESP32-S3 to the world of Arduino and MicroPython programming. Whether you're a beginner stepping into the world of IoT or MicroPython, or an advanced user looking to incorporate it into your next product, the Nano ESP32 is the perfect choice.

It covers all your needs to kick-start your IoT or MicroPython project with ease. There are no more excuses to delay your exploration of IoT and MicroPython. The Nano ESP32 provides everything you need to start creating and discovering endless possibilities.

Tiny Footprint: Designed with the well-known Nano form factor in mind, this board's compact size makes it perfect for embedding in standalone projects.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Harness the power of the ESP32-S3 microcontroller, well-known in the IoT realm, with full Arduino support for wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

Arduino and MicroPython support: Seamlessly switch between Arduino and MicroPython programming with a few simple steps. An introductory course for those new to the MicroPython world is being offered, find more information under Useful Links.

Arduino IoT Cloud compatible: Quickly and easily create IoT projects with just a few lines of code. Our setup takes care of security, allowing you to monitor and control your project from anywhere using the Arduino IoT Cloud app.

HID support: Emulate human interface devices, such as keyboards or mice, over USB, opening up new possibilities for interacting with your computer.

  • 1x Arduino Nano ESP32 with Headers

  • 45 x 18 (L x W)
  • Microcontroller: u-blox NORA-W106 (ESP32-S3)
  • USB connector: USB-C
  • Clock speed: Processor up to 240 MHz


  • Built-in LED Pin: 13
  • Built-in RGB LED pins: 14-16
  • Digital I/O Pins: 14
  • Analog input pins: 8
  • PWM pins: 5
  • External interrupts: All digital pins


  • Wi-Fi: u-blox NORA-W106 (ESP32-S3)
  • Bluetooth: u-blox NORA-W106 (ESP32-S3)


  • UART: 2x
  • I2C: 1x, A4 (SDA), A5 (SCL)
  • SPI: D11 (COPI), D12 (CIPO), D13 (SCK). Use any GPIO for Chip Select (CS)


  • I/O Voltage: 3.3 V
  • Input voltage (nominal): 6 - 21 V
  • Source Current per I/O Pin: 40 mA
  • Sink Current per I/O Pin: 28 mA


  • ROM: 384 kB
  • SRAM: 512 kB
  • External Flash: 128 Mbit (16 MB)

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