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  • Designer Litterbox
  • Weight indicator
  • For cats up to 12 kg / 26 lbs
  • UV antibacterial light
  • 24 months full warranty

Scoops, cat litter everywhere, smelly smell ... Does this sound familiar? If you use traditional litter boxes, you often have to deal with these annoying situations. Now there is a simple, sanitary solution. The Automatic Litter Box from PETLUX! It is an advanced automatic litter box that takes care of you. With a built-in UV sterilizer that eliminates germs and bacteria, it ensures that you and your cats have a healthy and clean living environment!

A perfect solution without scoop

We believe that every cat owner should have the choice to put an end to an unpleasant routine - scooping. If you leave a litter box unattended it will unfortunately quickly become unhealthy for your cat but also for yourself.


This automatic, self-cleaning litter box has high-tech functions that detect when your cat has used the box and then starts a cleaning process in 2 cycles that removes litter and controls odours. The lumps are then deposited in the waste drawer, which is equipped with a carbon filter that keeps odours under control. The waste drawer only needs to be emptied every 5 days.

UV Steriliser

Dirty litter trays are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms. If not cleaned properly and regularly, this can cause serious health risks for your cat, such as urinary tract and kidney problems. The PETLUX litter box is capable of eliminating harmful germs and bacteria. When the tray is in standby mode, take the sterilisation accessory and attach it to the front of the tray. It automatically switches to sterilisation mode and starts the disinfection process for 15 minutes.

LED Scale

A built-in LED scale helps you to keep a close eye on your cat's weight. Changes in a cat's weight are an important indicator of its health. Each time the cat goes in, the intelligent scale indicates an accurate weight.

Super quiet

With only 55 dB during operation, this fits perfectly into any cat house, provides a quiet environment for you and your cats and keeps cleaning in the background.

Safety first

A safety screen, as a back-up design, blocks the complicated mechanics to protect your cat from damage. It is also equipped with motion detection sensors including 4 gravity sensors and 1 microwave sensor. As soon as the cat approaches the machine, any movement is automatically stopped. After the cat has done its job, a new cleaning cycle begins.

Down to the last detail

The entrance to the front door, the size of the waste tray and the scoop have been well thought out. It is compatible with any type of litter, including clumping and gel crystals. Its sleek design and easy disassembly make it easy to clean, just use a wet towel to wipe the dust off the smooth exterior.

Recommended weight

The litter tray is suitable for kittens from 0.7kg up to an adult cat weighing up to 10kg.

Type of cat litter

Applicable: Bentonite, Tofu granules size S, Straw granules size S;

Not applicable: Wood pellets M-L, Gel pellets, Tofu pellets size M-L

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