AxiDraw Brushless Servo Motor Performance Upgrade Kit (International)

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  • AxiDraw Brushless Servo Motor Performance Upgrade Kit (International)
  • Doubles pen speed
  • Stronger lift capacity
  • Enhanced durability
  • Professional look
  • Flexible spring kit included

The AxiDraw Brushless Servo Motor Performance Upgrade Kit (International) enhances the functionality of compatible AxiDraw V3 and AxiDraw SE family machines by replacing the standard pen-lift motor with a high-performance brushless servo motor. This upgrade significantly improves the speed and reliability of pen movements, offering up to double the speed of lifting and lowering the pen, thus streamlining the plotting process. The inclusion of a spring kit in the package allows for the use of a wider variety of writing instruments, including those that necessitate more pressure, such as traditional ballpoint pens.

The kit features a brushless servo motor equipped with a custom aluminum lift arm, which is designed with a rolling wheel to minimize friction and wear. The addition of an upgraded power supply ensures that the AxiDraw can operate at higher speeds without compromising performance. Users have the flexibility to use the pen-lift stage with or without the spring kit, depending on the writing implement chosen. The upgrade kit not only boosts the machine's capabilities but also enhances its professional appearance with a sleek all-metal case and a new power switch that includes an indicator light. An integrated strain relief feature is also provided to help with cable organization.

The Brushless Servo Motor Performance Upgrade Kit is designed to be compatible with most AxiDraw V3 and SE family pen plotters and comes complete with a custom-programmed AGF A20BHS brushless servo motor, a pre-installed custom aluminum lift-arm with a rolling wheel, a universal input power supply, a power adapter module with an integrated power switch and indicator light, a spring kit with two different spring tensions, and all necessary mounting accessories.

Please note that this upgrade offers numerous speed, strength, and longevity advantages. However, it may also result in a heavier setup that could affect the machine's resonance at faster speeds, potentially produce more noise, and slightly reduce the vertical travel range when using the spring kit. Additionally, the installation process involves more than a standard servo motor replacement and may require specific tools.

  • 1x AGF A20BHS brushless servo motor, custom programmed and customized with shorter wire leads
  • 1x Pre-installed custom aluminum lift-arm (servo horn) with rolling wheel
  • 1x Universal input 9V, 2.5A power supply (US plug or International multi-plug)
  • 1x Power adapter module with integrated power switch and indicator light
  • 1x Spring kit, with a light and heavy spring
  • Cable ties, screws, and plastic rivets for mounting
  • For models that include it, a new black servo mount
  • Faster plot time for plots with a lot of pen lifting and lowering
  • Stronger lifting capacity, can lift heavier pens
  • Longer life and better reliability
  • Upgraded power supply for higher performance speeds
  • Optional use with included spring kit for pressure to write with ball point pens
  • Professional final appearance with all-metal case
  • Long lasting, replaceable roller wheel on aluminum lift arm reduces friction and wear
  • New AxiDraw power switch and light added with power adapter module
  • Integrated strain relief option organizes cables towards the back of the AxiDraw
  • Heavier, may slightly increase "tuning-fork" ringing at faster speeds
  • Potentially louder than a regular servo due to pen hitting paper faster
  • Reduced vertical travel range when using spring kit for downforce
  • Extra cables visible by the electronics area of the AxiDraw
  • More work to install upgrade than replacing a regular servo motor

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