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  • Blue Frog Robotics Buddy "Emotional" Robot Companion
  • Pro+ Version with multi-applications (Annual License) for users of all ages
  • Human-robot interaction for education, emotional support, elderly care, enriching customer experience, and more
  • Functionalities: Voice interaction, image processing, motion, noise and human detection, mobility, etc.
  • *This product is only available for sale to professionals

The Blue Frog Robotics Buddy Pro+ Multi-Applications is an exceptional Companion Robot, that offers an unprecedented level of interaction, education, emotional support, and connectivity. It has the potential to transform various aspects of daily life, creating meaningful and engaging experiences for users of all ages.

  • Educational and programmable robot
  • Teacher's assistant
  • Avatar for sick children
  • Companion for autistic children

Blue Frog Robotics Buddy Pro for Developers (SDK)

Buddy's intelligence springs from an assortment of multi-applications designed for a variety of uses in different types of industries: Education, elder care, inclusion and hospitality. With these applications, Buddy becomes more than a robot, it becomes a friend, teacher, and playmate, ushering in a new era of human-robot interaction.

  • BuddyLab
  • Carte Blanche
  • Buddy Emoi
  • Spark
  • Telepresence

Blue Frog Robotics Buddy Pro+ Multi-Applications

Interacting with users through voice, vision, and tactile interactions, this robot is highly emotive, capable of expressing 12 different emotions, including love, grumpiness, joy, and tiredness. Users can evoke these emotions by petting or teasing Buddy. This emotional aspect adds depth to the human-robot interaction, creating a bond between Buddy and its users.

  • BuddyLab introduces children to programming, allowing them to create sequences of actions for Buddy, enhancing their logical thinking and fine motor skills.
  • Carte Blanche, a teaching assistant application, motivates learning through interactive gameplay, specifically beneficial for children with special needs.
  • Buddy Emoi assists children with autism in recognizing and expressing emotions.
  • Freeze Dance promotes physical activity and motor skills through a lively interactive game.
  • Spark application introduces natural language processing, with Chat GPT, enabling Buddy to engage in rich conversations with users. Spark also gives access to a wealth of fun or educational applications, and other easily configurable application templates from a web interface to present the company’s activities for hospitality in retail, enterprise, or to animate events and points of sale.

Telepresence features allow remote control of the robot and communication with distant individuals, providing for instance support for children unable to attend school or allowing seniors to maintain social connections by reducing social isolation.

Blue Frog Robotics Buddy Pro+ Multi-Applications

The Buddy Pro+ Multi-Applications robot offers a unique blend of educational, emotional, and interactive experiences.

  • 1x Blue Frog Robotics Buddy Pro+ Robot
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1x Embedded software: Buddy OS + Companion + multi-applications (Annual License)
  • 560 x 350 x 350 mm (H x W x D)


  • Battery: Autonomy from 4 to 6 hours according to usage
  • Motherboard: Android 9, 8x Cores, 2.2 GHz, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB Storage, 512 MB CPU, USB 2.
  • Audio: 1x Speaker
  • Light: LEDs (2x Shoulders, 1x Heart), LED lighting in the head
  • Display: Screen 8-inch, LCD 1280x800
  • Connectivity: 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0
  • Capability to cross obstacles of up to 1.5 cm in height (carpet, door sill, cable...)
  • Weight: 8kg

Head and Body Sensors

  • Camera 13Mpx (80° & 130°)/li>
  • 3x Touch sensors, 1x Infrared sensor
  • 4x Omnidirectional microphones and 1x unidirectional microphone
  • 6x Obstacle sensors (4x IR and 2x ultrasonic)
  • 6x Drop sensors
  • 3x Touch sensors

Head and Body Mobility

  • 2x Motors (head rotation +/- 90 degrees, neck rotation +80 degrees / - 60 degrees)
  • 2x Wheel Motors (15cm), a rear freewheel (4CM, maximum speed 70cm/s)

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