BlueROV2 Enclosure w/ Pre-wired Electronics

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  • BlueROV2 Enclosure w/ Pre-wired Electronics
  • Includes the enclosure and electronics from the BlueROV2
  • Is pre-wired and ready to go
  • Lets you build a custom ROV frame

The BlueROV2 Enclosure w/ Pre-wired Electronics includes the enclosure and electronics from the BlueROV2, pre-wired and ready to go! This is an excellent option if you are building a custom ROV frame and need a ready to use electronics and control solution!

If you have not assembled your BlueROV2 please see the Assembly Guide (/learn/bluerov2-assembly/) and assemble your BlueROV2 prior to setting up the software.

BlueROV2 Enclosure w/ Pre-wired Electronics- Click to Enlarge

There are two computers installed on the BlueROV2: a Pixhawk autopilot, and a Raspberry Pi 'companion' computer. Before proceeding, we will check that the software on both computers is up to date and update the software if necessary. Some joysticks require calibration before you can enable them for use with QGround Control.

If your joystick requires calibration, the Joystick tab on the Vehicle Settings page will be red, and you should follow these steps to calibrate your joystick. If your joystick does not require calibration, the Joystick tab will not be red, and you can skip this step!

BlueROV2 Enclosure w/ Pre-wired Electronics- Click to Enlarge

4″ Series Enclosure

  • 1 x Extruded Acrylic Tube – 11.75″, 298mm (4″ Series)
  • 2 x O-Ring Flange (4″ Series)
  • 1 x Dome End Cap (4″ Series)
  • 1 x Aluminum End Cap with 14 Holes (4″ Series)
  • 1 x Enclosure Vent and Plug

Advanced Electronics

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Computer
  • 1 x Low-Light HD USB Camera
  • 1 x Single Fathom-X board
  • 1 x ArduSub Raspbian MicroSD Card (16GB)
  • 1 x 5V 6A Power Supply
  • 1 x Pixhawk Autopilot
  • 1 x Pixhawk Shelf and Mounting Hardware
  • 1 x 6″ Left-Angle Micro USB Cable for Raspberry Pi to Pixhawk
  • 1 x Blue Robotics Power Sense Module
  • 1 x XT60 Female to Bullet Connector Cable (for Pixhawk Power Module)
  • 1 x Ferrule to Spade Cable (for Fathom-X)

Electronics Tray

  • 1 x Electronics Tray (4″ Series) (with Terminal Blocks and Hardware)
  • 1 x Camera Tilt System (with Mount for USB Camera)


  • 6 x Basic ESC (new R3 version)
  • 3 x Blank Penetrators
  • 1 x Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor
  • 1 x BlueROV2 Power Cable


  • Length: 380 mm, 15 in
  • Width: 114 mm, 4.5 in
  • Height: 114 mm, 4.5 in
  • Weight in Air: 2.25 kg, 5 lb
  • Cable Penetrator Holes: 14 x 10 mm, 14 x 0.4 in
  • Main Tube (Electronics Enclosure): Blue Robotics 4 inch series


  • Maximum Rated Depth: 100 m, 330 ft
  • Maximum Tested Depth (so far): 130 m, 425 ft
  • Temperature Range: 0-40°C, 32-86°F
  • ESC: Blue Robotics Basic 30A ESC


  • Gyroscope: 3-DOF Gyroscope (on the PixHawk)
  • Accelerometer: 3-DOF Accelerometer (on the PixHawk)
  • Compass: 3-DOF Magnetometer (on the PixHawk)
  • Internal pressure: Internal barometer (on the PixHawk)
  • Pressure/Depth and Temperature Sensor (external): Blue Robotics Bar30
  • Current and Voltage Sensing: Blue Robotics Power Sense Module

Camera Tilt

  • Tilt Range: +/- 90 degree camera tilt (180 total range)
  • Tilt Servo: Hitec HS-5055MG


  • Field of View (Underwater): 110 degrees (horizontal)
  • Light Sensitivity: 0.01 lux
  • Resolution: 1080p

Control System

  • Tether Interface Board: Fathom-X Tether Interface Board
  • Control Board: Pixhawk 1
  • Control Software: ArduSub

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