Carbide 3D Shapeoko XL Robust CNC Router Kit

Carbide 3DSKU: RB-Crb-10
Manufacturer #: S3-KIT-XL

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  • Carbide3D Shapeoko XL Robust CNC Router Kit
  • Designed to be affordable and powerful enough to work
  • Includes almost everything you need to get started
  • Enclosed electronics, no need for a fan
  • One-piece MDF table, no need for bottom straps
  • Carbide Create & Motion softwares
  • Cutting Area: 16"(X), 33"(Y), 3"(Z)
  • Sweepy dust shoe not included

This product is discontinued and replaced by Carbide 3D Shapeoko XL Z-Plus No Router 65mm an improved version.

The Carbide3D Shapeoko Standard Robust CNC Router Kit is designed to be affordable enough for any shop and powerful enough to do real work. The Shapeoko works with a range of materials, wood, plastic, and aluminum are no problem. It is based on a custom aluminum extrusion that serves as both the frame and the motion system. The most powerful CNC machine in its class. It uses a 1.25 hp spindle and NEMA 23 motors for motion control.

Carbide3D Shapeoko XL Robust CNC Router Kit

The standard kit includes everything you need to get started except the Dewalt trim router. The most hackable CNC machine in its class. Use it as it comes, tilt up parts in front of the machine, or remove the table to give more clearance for parts. Drill holes and attach your own accessories. Customize it to suit your needs.


  • Partially assembled. You can build it in 1 hour
  • Uses the DeWalt DWP-611 or Makita RT0701C as a spindle. You will need to provide your own.
  • The electronics work on 110V or 220v
  • Comes with an industrial-grade motion controller running GRBL firmware, homing switches, and 4 NEMA 23 stepper motors
  • Accepts standard gcode so you can use almost any CAM software
  • Capable of full 3D machining, not just simple 2D shapes
  • All included software runs on your Mac (10.8 or higher), or PC (Windows 8 or higher)
  • Aluminum frame & hardware
  • NEMA-23 stepper motors
  • Industrial grade motion controller (GRBL firmware)
  • Homing switches
  • Control software (Carbide Motion)
  • Design software (Carbide Create)
  • Assembly tools needed to put it together
  • One 0.25" Carbide endmill cutter

Not Included: DeWalt DWP-611 or Makita 1‑1/4 HP Compact Router for Shapeoko (RT0701C) as a spindle

  • Cutting Area: 16"(X), 33"(Y), 3"(Z)
  • Footprint: 45”W x 24”L x 16”H
  • Weight: 100 Lbs

The Carbide3D Carbide 3D Shapeoko Robust CNC Router Kit and Carbide 3D Shapeoko XXL Robust CNC Router Kit are also available.

  • 9mm Belts
  • New, more rigid Z plate
  • US-Made V wheels and eccentric nuts
  • Partially assembled- cuts assembly time by 75%!!
  • Homing switches included
  • Carbide endmill included (1/4")
  • Adapter ring to fit Makita RT0701C router
  • Firmware: GRBL
  • Operating System: OS X 10.9 or higher, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • US C-13 plug (see Universal Plug Adapter for EU and UK adapter)
  • Stepper motors: NEMA 23

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Awesome machine. Satisfying build!

My first CNC router so I've been on a bit of a journey getting it up and running and learning the CAM process. The assembly instructions for the XL available from Shapeoko leave something to be desired but get you most of the way and there are loads of third party tutorials and videos online with great tips to get you up and running. The box it's delivered in is enormous, and heavy (but so's the finished machine so perhaps that shouldn't be too much of a surprise) and once unpacked it appears a slightly daunting task but by following videos and tutorials I was able to build the machine and get milling in an afternoon. Great product.

Excellent machine and awesome customer service

I purchased the Shapeoko XL and I am very happy with the machine. The shipping was in a timely manner. I live in Alaska and shipping is often so expensive you can afford to make the purchase. Shipping can add almost half the cost of the item you are purchasing. The Robot Shop had free shipping to Alaska, that is customer service. I am a return customer for sure. The Robot Shop answered all my question and made ordering simple.

Great product

I am very satisfied with this product. I had some issues and was able to get it running in no time thanks to the amazing customer service. I would highly reommed this product!

Good value

I ordered my machine and had it in my shop within a week or so. Shipping is free, which is a big plus. The assembly instructions did not come with the machine, but the on line step by step guide was very easy to follow, and I had the machine up and running in no time. It is pretty fantastic and I think it's a great value for the money. The Carbide Create software is not so good. It is relatively easy to use, but lacks some basic functionality that would make it a better product. (i.e. : Ability to measure dimensions and clone shapes, etc. would be very useful). Overall the machine is awesome for beginners or advanced users. Be prepared to spend some additional money on good CAD software..

Great service

The machine arrived right on time. I had trouble getting it up and running. Carbide 3D support got me a new controller and now it is up and running.

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