Cytron PS2 Shield for Arduino

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  • Shield to connect wired or wireless remote control to Arduino main boards
  • Offers a standard connector for SONY PS2 controller to plug-in
  • 5V powered for low current consumption
  • Simple to use UART protocol

The PS2 Shield for Arduino is an Arduino compatible shield which is compatible with Arduino UNO, Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo and possibly other pin compatible main boards. Cytron PS2 Shield offers a compact yet reliable PS2 Controller Converter for user. Cytron PS2 Shield is powered from Arduino main board. with Cytron PS2 Shield Reading Joy-stick and button’s state of PS2 controller will be as easy as reading UART data. It offers a standard connector for SONY PS2 controller to plug-in, either wired or wireless.

Cytron PS2 Shield for Arduino


  • Vibrator motor on PS2 is controllable
  • Wired and Wireless PS2 controller is supported
  • PS2 Controller will automatically operate in analog mode
  • Status LED
  • Jumper selector to select different UART Baud Rate (4800, 9600, 57600, 115200)
  • Jumper selectors to select different digital pin as UART TX and RX pin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
easy way to wirelessly control electronic components via arduino

I got this to provide wireless control via an arduino uno for a relay board to control linear actuators and control a motors speed via a digital potentiometer. The shield made it as easy to provide wireless input as it was to get wired input directly from the arduino's pins. The only part that was a little tricky was that when analog joystick data was requested when the controller wasn't attached, it would return 255, which is what one gets pulling the joystick all the way down (X axis) or to the right (Y axis). I recommend displaying data on the serial line display while debugging. Although the manual called for using Cytron's PS2 controllers, I found that generic ones I bought off eBay worked fine.


thanks.. this is good componen , great

Easy to use

We have been working on solutions for special needs children. Our focus is to make them more mobile but the parent needs a remote to help guide them at times. The combination of the remote, uno and PS2 shield is a great add to our conversion of a Mattel wild thing into a fun and useful wheel chair.

I love you Cytron :-)

The best\fastest way to experiment with remote control programming for UGV on arduino. Relatively short range indoor, 20-30 meters, over 50 meter outdoor with direct LOS. This is a very good product. Hardware configuration is easy for pin assignment. Top documentation. Pins and board are really strong, no fear of accidental bending\breaking. Quality control is obvious on this product. This is my 2nd PS2 controler. Thanks robotshop for your great service\products.

Top quality product, well documented

This PS2 shield is well documented and easy to setup. Works great on UNO-MEGA arduino mcu. I had it connected and coded to control my Iron Man-3 4WD All-Terrain Chassis in less than 30 min.This is probably the best arduino interface for PS2 type controllers available. Very useful pin selection jumpers. Another great product from Cytron.

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