Cytron Simple Rotary Encoder Kit

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  • Industrial grade PCB
  • Simple 3 pin interface
  • On board green LED as indicator
  • No further soldering is required

The Cytron Simple Rotary Encoder Kit comes out with a slotted disc (8 slots) and a simple interface sensor board. No further soldering is required. The rotary encoder is a sensor or transducer used to convert the data of rotary motion into a series of electrical pulses which is readable by controller. The slotted disc has a 35mm outside diameter with 8 slots that provides 16 transitions. The optical sensor is used to sense the 16 transitions of the slotted disc. With these transitions, controller is able to recognize the rotary angle of the disc. With this concept, a rotary encoder can be employed in a DC motor shaft for the controller to 'know' its current position.

The rotary encoder modules can be used for sensing motor's position and velocity. It can be connected to any microcontroller via the 3 pin header. The optical beam sensor detects missing slots of the slotted disc, and generates a pulse train. These modules require +5V and GND to power them, and provide a 0V to 5V output. They provide +5V output when their beam is blocked, and a 0V output when their beam is unblocked. Your microcontroller can simply read the 0-5-0V pulse train to determine how far your motor has traveled and how fast.


  • Industrial grade PCB with high reliability yet professional outlook
  • Every component is soldered properly and every kit is tested before being shipped to customer
  • Simple 3 pin interface (+5, Gnd and Sig)
  • Included on board green LED as indicator
  • Direct connection to microcontroller (internal pull-up to 5V)
  • Up to 1 KHz (1000 pulse/sec)
  • Disc size: 35mm (outer diameter) x 3mm (inner diameter)
  • Sensor board size: 12mm (height) x 35mm (length) x 15mm (width)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Encoder Wheel too Thick

The device works well, but there is almost no clearance between the encoder wheel and the optical reader slot that it has to fit in. The wheel is unusable unless you have perfect alignment. Either the slot should be wider or the wheel should be thinner to allow for more clearance between the pieces.

Hard to fit wheel perfectly

No clearance between the encoder wheel and the optical reader slot that it has to fit in. Very difficult to set up .

Good for its value

As advertised - the resolution is limited being of simple 8 teeth design but considering the cost it is definitely a good entry level encoder.

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