Dimension Engineering 10W Adjustable Switching Regulator

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  • Adjustable step-down switching DC-DC converter
  • Output voltage adjusted via a small potentiometer (1.25 to 13V), 1.5A
  • Integrated decoupling capacitors
  • The unit can deliver a maximum of 10 Watts.

The Dimension Engineering 10W Adjustable Switching Regulator is designed to be the easiest possible way to add an adjustable voltage source to a new or existing project with all the efficiency benefits of switch-mode power. This product is pin-compatible with the common 78XX family of linear voltage regulators, and has a small screw on top that allows you change the output voltage as your project evolves. It has integrated decoupling capacitors, so external capacitors are not generally necessary. The screw potentiometer on the regulator is worm-gear driven, so small vibrations and movement will not cause the voltage to shift. Use of glue to hold the screw in place is strongly discouraged and could damage the device.

Dimension Engineering 10W Adjustable Switching Regulator


  • Battery powered applications
  • Robots
  • Battery charging
  • Electronics prototyping
  • Powering multiple servos at their max rated voltage



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