Elecrow RA-08H LoRaWAN Dev Board w/ RP2040 w/ 1.8-inch LCD, Long Range (915 MHz)

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  • Elecrow RA-08H LoRaWAN Dev Board w/ RP2040 w/ 1.8-inch LCD, Long Range (915 MHz)
  • Employs high-performance RP2040 as primary controller
  • Supports Lora and LoRaWAN protocols with RA-08H module
  • Features a variety of functional interfaces for development
  • Compatible with Arduino/Micropython for easy project execution

The Elecrow RA-08H LoRaWAN Dev Board w/ RP2040 w/ 1.8-inch LCD, Long Range (915 MHz) is a meticulously designed LoRa development board, ideal for those who are just starting their journey in this field. It employs the RP2040 as its primary controller, a dual-core, high-performance, low-power ARM Cortex-M0+ architecture chip. This chip is well-suited for a variety of applications, including Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, control systems, embedded systems, and more.

The board is equipped with the RA-08H module, which is constructed from the Semtech-authorized ASR6601 RF chip. This module supports the Lora and LoRaWAN protocols, as well as the 915 MHz frequency band. It also boasts a built-in 32 MHz MCU, offering more advanced features than standard RF modules, and supports AT command control.

The board maintains a variety of functional interfaces for development, including the Crowtail interface, which is compatible with the Crowtail module series. It also features a common PIN to PIN header that leads out GPIO ports and provides 3.3V and 5V outputs. Additionally, it reserves RS485 interface, SPI, I2C, and UART interfaces.

The board integrates several commonly used functions, such as a buzzer, a custom button, and red-yellow-green tri-color indicator lights. It also features a 1.8-inch SPI interface LCD screen with a resolution of 128 x 160.

The board is compatible with Arduino/Micropython, making it easy to carry out different projects. It also includes an onboard 1.8-inch 128 x 160 SPI-TFT-LCD, with an ST7735S driver chip. The board operates within a temperature range of -10 to 65 °C and measures 102 mm in length and 76.5 mm in width.

  • 1x Lora RA-08H Development Board
  • 1x Lora Spring Antenna (915 Mhz)
  • 1x Lora Rubber Antenna (915 Mhz)

  • 102 x 76.5 mm (L x W)

  • Main Chip: Raspberry Pi chip RP2040, with built-in 264 KB SRAM and onboard 4 MB Flash
  • Processor: Dual Core Arm Cortex-M0+ running at 133 MHz
  • RA-08H Supports frequency band: 803 MHZ - 930 MHZ
  • RA-08H Support Interface: External antenna, SMA interface or IPEX first-generation interface
  • LCD Display: Onboard 1.8-inch 128x160SPI-TFT-LCD
  • Resolution: 128x160
  • LCD Driver: ST7735S (4-wire SPI)
  • Development environment: Arduino/Micropython
  • Interface: 1x passive buzzer, 4x user-defined buttons, 6x programmable LEDs, 1x RS485 communication interface, 8x 5V Crowtail interfaces (2x analog interfaces, 2x digital interfaces, 2x UART interfaces, 2x IIC interfaces), 12x 5V universal pin header IO interfaces, 14x 3.3V universal pin header IO interfaces, 1x 3.3V/5V switchable SPI interface, 1x 3.3V/5V switchable UART interface, 3x 3.3V/5V switchable IIC interfaces
  • Working input voltage: USB 5V-1A
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 65 °C

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