LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

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  • The Most Sophisticated Self-Cleaning Litter Box on the Market
  • Stores Litter and Automatically Refills the drawer as needed
  • Convenient Waste Storage in the Waste Drawer
  • PurrSong App enables you to monitor the health of multiple cats in real time
  • Needs to be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks when used with one cat
  • Maintains indoor air quality with a deodorizer

Imagine your home where the litter box is always clean! Behold, the revolutionary LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU) that auto-cleans, auto-refills, and controls odours with a deodorizer so you can relax while the LavvieBot S maintains the cleanliness of your home. Scoop free and odour-free. Oh, and it also helps monitor the urinary health of all your cats!

The LavvieBot S is the safest and most innovative automatic, self-cleaning, robot litter box on the market.

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

When the cat's done its business in the LavvieBot S, it automatically starts cleaning after a set amount of time chosen by the user between 15 and 90 minutes depending on your cat's needs.

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

In addition, the LavvieBot S uses a non-toxic, non-stick material on the bottom of the tray to always keep itself hygienically clean.

Auto-Cleans & Auto-Refills

The robotic litter box LavvieBot S does more than simply separate the clumps from the good litter after your cat has left the litter box. It refills itself automatically removing the chore of refilling it for up to 3 weeks.

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

LavvieBot S refills litter from its 6.5L extra storage after cleaning, maintaining a fresh bed of litter for your cat every time.

Safety Guaranteed

LavvieBot S’s indented buttons prevent cats from pressing them. The robot litter LavvieBot S also uses 3 separate sensors to recognize each cat and ensure its safety. You can also easily access the inside of the LavvieBot with its convenient side door.

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

If a cat were to enter during the auto-clean cycle, LavvieBot S’s highly sensitive front infrared sensor would detect its entry and safely retract the separator.

For those concerned about safety standards, all the materials and substances of LavvieBot S are RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive).

Who Can Use LavvieBot S?

LavvieBot S can be used by almost all cat types except naturally large breeds such as Maine Coons and Savannah cats.

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

Space-Efficient & Looks Great

LavvieBot S’s minimalistic design is tailored to be space-efficient and visually mesh with any setting. Its squared edges minimize dead space, fitting into every nook and cranny around the house. It also has a flat top, so that lightweight items can be safely placed on top of the appliance. Its carefully considered aesthetically pleasing design comes in elegant white so that it matches with everything in your home.

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

LavvieBot S’s tray dimensions are spacious enough to provide a comfortable setting for cats. The tray contains up to 5 litres of litter, which is 50%+ more than other automatic litter boxes.

Easy Maintenance

LavvieBot S only needs to be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks (for a one cat household), more than twice that of other automatic litter boxes thanks to LavvieBot S’s proprietary auto-refilling system. Once the cat has left the litter box, the separator scoops waste into the drawer at the interval of your choice (15 minutes to 90 minutes).

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

The robotic litter box LavvieBot S offers a robust sifting system. By focusing the rotational force of the motor onto the separator, LavvieBot S’s mechanism demonstrates exceptional cleaning ability, preventing breakage and while keeping noise levels surprisingly low. It is recommended to use standard clumping litter for the Lavviebot S.

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

LavvieBot S's waste drawer (16.1*4.7*6.3″) is large enough to collect waste for a maximum of 3 weeks (for one cat). To empty, simply discard the full plastic bag within, and reline the waste drawer with a clean plastic bag, enabling LavvieBot S to collect waste for another 3 weeks.

Litter-Free Life

LavvieBot S’s expertly designed entrance helps keep your house litter-free by letting residual litter fall back into the tray from cats’ paws as they jump out.


LavvieBot S effectively neutralizes odour through its deodorizer.

Two deodorizers are included. They are composed of activated carbon, which only needs to be changed approximately once every 4-6 months.

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

Owners enjoy the long life of the deodorizer (its lasting period may vary depending on the humidity and room temperature of where it stays). LavvieBot S will remain free of odour, and maintain a pleasant environment for both you and your cat.

Safe & Easy Adaptation

Even if your cat is initially cautious, LavvieBot S's easily detachable tray lets your cat adapt to the new environment in no time. After the adaptation period, your cat will recognize it as a safe place to enter and use.

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

To access the inside of the LavvieBot S, simply press the 'Empty' button to open the side door and take out the detached litter tray.

Intuitive UI/UX & App

LavvieBot S's notification panel is designed for intuitive control and easy navigation.

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

With the PurrSong App, you can really enjoy a scoop-free life while monitoring and staying connected with your LavvieBot:

  • Monitors Litter & Waste Levels: LavvieBot S keeps you updated on its waste and litter levels on the "PurrSong" app (available for free on the App Store and Google Play).
  • Monitors Litter Box Usage: “PurrSong” app keeps track of the frequency and length that your cat uses LavvieBot S, so you can always stay on top of your cat’s health. LavvieBot S can also recognize each cat in a multi-cat household if they weigh more than 1.6 pounds apart

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you or your cats are not fully satisfied with the product, for any reason, just return the unit within 30 days after receipt for a refund of the product. Please note the following conditions:

  • The item must be returned in its original box with all accessories
  • Shipping cost to return the product are the responsibility of the customer.
  • A cleaning fee will be charged if the product is not returned in new condition with all accessories

24-Month Warranty

The LavvieBot S Automatic Litter Box is an all-in-one solution for cats that’s built to last! It comes with a 24-month warranty which guarantees the repair or replacement of your automatic litter box in case of a defect caused by a manufacturing problem. After the manufacturer’s warranty, the product will then be supported by the RobotShop's Support Team.

  • 1x LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)
  • 1x Stepmat
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 2x Deodorizer (1 set)
  • 10x Waste bag
  • Tray dimensions: 12.5*17*14.2”
  • Tray Litter Quantity: Up to 5 litres
  • Total Size: 19.5 * 22.9 * 27.7 (inches)

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter box (EU)

  • Recommend maximum two cats per one LavvieBot S
  • Works perfectly for 4.5lb – 22 lb cats (can be used by most cat breeds except Maine Coons and Savannah Cats)
  • Noise level: 30dB (quiet like a library)
  • Rated Voltage:110~240V, 50~60Hz
  • Power: 18W
  • European & UK Plug Adapter included for European Customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
LavvieBot S we would buy it again anytime

We decided on the LavvieBot S in September. Unfortunately, the first device was defective because a part was installed crookedly, but after asking Robotshop and PurrSong it was exchanged without any problems and we were able to enjoy the LavvieBot S. We and our three cats are thrilled. The three boys have only used one toilet before and therefore made friends with a LavvieBot very quickly. You always get a clean toilet that cleans itself and also refills. The construction and integration of the LavvieBot S into the WLAN was very easy. And off we went. Move the rake to the position to be able to remove the litter trays, fill the litter into the bottom of the tray, choose whether it is bentonite or natural litter and calibrate the weight. Then the rake is moved back to the starting position and it is ready for use. We poured the rest of the litter into the storage container. Finally, we have set how many minutes the LavvieBot S should clean after the cat has left the toilet. Here we stayed at 10min. The LavvieBot S does its job reliably and well. The filling level of the new litter, the garbage as well as use and errors are reliably delivered to the PurrSong app. You can also store your cats and information about them in the app. If the cats show a difference in weight of 700g, the LavvieBot S can also differentiate between them and show in the app which animal was in the toilet. Unfortunately, this is not the case with us, they have a difference of max 400g. Getting started is not a problem for any of our male cats. Likewise, no hangover was afraid of the device, they are rather fascinated. We are still in the discovery phase with regard to litter. We tested various bentonite and natural litter. Unfortunately, many bentonites stick very easily to the bottom of the container, so that the LavvieBotrechen can no longer get through. Other litters are so coarse that the LavvieBot also throws an error. Unfortunately, many litter stink after a while, but that's because of the litter in connection with our cats and not the device. However, we have currently identified various corn litter that work well. With this litter you have to change the bin for three hangovers every 24-50h. Which is great, you can also use normal garbage bags. In order to be able to carry out the complete cleaning (about every 2 weeks) faster, we bought a second litter drawer with seals. We will also buy the rake as soon as it is available. Conclusion: A high-priced device, but we are super satisfied, you don't have to check the litter box every few hours and you can relax and stay away overnight. When it comes to litter, as mentioned above, we are still looking for the optimal litter and we are really excited when the lavviesand is also available in Germany. We are also eagerly awaiting further new products from PurrSong, such as LavvieTAG, to test them and see what our cat is up to all the time.


We have 2 cats and although it must be cleaned thoroughly once a week, it is worth every euro of its price. No odors, or cleaning it every day. All the time you earn is priceless. 100% recommendable

LavvieBot S

Got this last month after carefully selecting between various options. Perfectly satisfied with the way it works; my tomcat used it from the first day, without needing any preparation. He just hopped in and did his thing :) This robot works exactly as described, had absolutely no issue with it, my wife loves it too. Thanks Robotshop and PurrSong!

Waste of money.

Purchased this new machine quite some time ago - previously purchased the robo litter rotating machines but needed another do decided on the newest out there!

Firstly the power cable for the Uk is not is actually a US with a converter for the UK - this constantly comes undone and falls out of the socket meaning the machine stops work.

Sadly when I contacted the robot shop dedd see lite being sent another power cable by then which was exactly the same the solution they offered was to use an extension lead so the plug was on the floor not in the wall - making it pretty unfit for UK use.

Secondly if your cat doesn’t pee centrally this box leaks!

For me we trialled this litter box for around 8 weeks - only one cat used it for its purpose with another choosing to sleep in it!

Ultimately the power cable supplied came with a US to UK plug converter, the adapter was too heavy for the converter plug. You would be within your right to assume this expensive piece of kit came with a UK suitable power supply when purchasing in the UK.

Thank you for your review, Lorna. Please reply to our email, as your LavvieBot S is still under warranty and our technicians are trying to get in touch with you.


I've only held off for stars because the app is not very good at all so the interactive options have been limited for me. This wasn't a big part of why I bought it though but updates etc require you to push buttons on the machine to enact etc. So not as technically advanced as I was expecting from that perspective. However, importantly the cat adapted to it very quickly and seems to like it. Odour control much better than usual litter trays, some persists with fresh use if you're in the same room but I've just added a cheap odour absorber to the ceiling and that seems to be working well to contain things overall. My cat tends to kick litter everywhere and this stops that. A little tracks out but far less than before!! Overall very happy, I can leave the letter tray to sort itself out without the cat getting upset. As someone who doesn't have many cat people friends, this is ideal for the occasional night away etc. and only needing to ask them to feed him. In summary, no regrets other than the app side.

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