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  • LDROBOT D300 LiDAR Kit
  • Offers high frequency and high precision distance measurement
  • Rigorous optical design and powerful chip capability
  • Provides 360 all-around laser scanning
  • Lower power consumption
  • Time-of-flight ranging technology

The LDROBOT D300 LiDAR Kit has used the Time-of-flight ranging technology. Using time-of-flight technology, the distance is measured according to the flight time of the laser pulse.

Within the effective detection range of 12 m, the radar ranging accuracy will not change with the distance, and the average ranging accuracy of ±45 mm can be achieved. With the first-class algorithm logic of LDROBOT, it can realize the robot's 360-degree environmental detection, autonomous mapping, and obstacle detection.

LDROBOT D300 LiDAR Kit - Click to Enlarge

Resistant to bright light: The rigorous optical design and powerful chip capability ensure that the LD19 is resistant to strong light, can effectively avoid strong light interference, and can resist 30,000 Lux of strong light, It is able to achieve high frequency and high precision distance measurement and accurate map building indoors and outdoors.

360 all-around laser scanning: The LD 19 rotates clockwise in the rangefinder core, enabling 360-degree scanning and range detection of the surrounding environment. This results in a contour map of the surrounding environment and a point cloud of information on the location of obstacles.

LDROBOT D300 LiDAR Kit - Click to Enlarge

Distance measurement up to 12 m radius: The longer range allows the robot to perceive environmental information over a longer range, ensuring the robot's ability to cruise and build maps over a large area.

Compact and stylish: The compact structure design, with its stylish appearance, smaller size, and lower power consumption, can be built into the machine, reducing the overall size and improving the robot's passability.

LDROBOT D300 LiDAR Kit - Click to Enlarge

Laser Safety FDA Class l: To safely ensure the product is safe for humans and pets, a low-power infrared laser emitter is used as the emitting light source and is driven by modulated pulses. The laser only emits in a very short time and meets the FDA Class I human eye safety rating.

  • 1x Lidar LD19
  • 1x Serial Line
  • 1x Interface Adapter
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual

LDROBOT D300 LiDAR Kit - Click to Enlarge


  • 38.59 x 38.59 x 34.8 mm (L x W x H)

  • Distance measuring range: 0.02 - 12 m
  • Scanning frequency: 5 - 13 Hz
  • Ranging accuracy: ±45 mm
  • Ranging frequency: 4500 Hz
  • Scanning angle: 360°
  • Lifetime: up to 10,000 h

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