Lynxmotion Smart Servo PRO Lite Modular Strain Wave Gear Actuator (LSS-P-L1)

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  • Lynxmotion Smart Servo PRO Lite (LSS-P-L1)
  • Configurable, professional, modular smart servo motor
  • Part of the Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set PRO (SES-PRO)
  • 14Nm dynamic torque at 7.5rpm, 30V
  • Strain wave gearing, STM32 Microcontroller, sensor feedback
  • LSS-P Series Estimated between $1,000 USD & $1,600 USD

The Lynxmotion Smart Servo PRO Lite Modular Strain Wave Gear Actuator (LSS-P-L1) is an advanced, configurable robotic actuator and is the lightest in the Lynxmotion PRO series. Key features include strain wave gearing coupled to a high torque stepper motor, built-in electronics which include sensor feedback and absolute positioning, and the possibility to daisy chain many servos together. Simply plug in the USB and power and you’re good to go. Easily assign unique IDs and add additional PRO servos to the bus using the LSS PRO Config software.

Lynxmotion SES-PRO Modular Robotic Building System

The Lynxmotion Smart Servos PRO (LSS-P) actuators are versatile actuators designed to be a significantly more powerful and accurate evolution of the Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) hobby series of actuators for use in semi-professional or professional multi degree-of-freedom robot arms, animatronics, research projects and more. The PRO lineup currently includes three servos, two of which appear physically similar, sharing the same cap and plate, but differing in maximum torque and speed as well as gearbox size and mounting. The third actuator is physically the largest of the three and offers highest torque.

Lynxmotion PRO 6 Axis Robot Manipulator Arm Example

Lynxmotion PRO 6 Axis Robot Manipulator Arm Concept

The servos form the basis of the next generation Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set Professional modular robotic construction system (S.E.S. PRO) and a variety of modular brackets, mechanics and electronics have been designed around them. "Smart" means each servos' parameters are user modifiable and configurable, there is sensor feedback, built-in safety features, and although meant to be connected to a computer, can be connected to a microcontroller or device with CAN communication. The custom PRO LSS serial communication protocol was built upon the LSS & SSC-32 / 32U protocol and makes communicating with, controlling and configuring these PRO servos easy and intuitive.

Lynxmotion PRO Hexapod Walking Robot Concept

The main STM32 microcontroller comes pre-loaded with a custom bootloader and custom firmware, allowing the servos to communicate with all components on the PCB (motor controller, CAN chip, USB, IMU) and includes the Lynxmotion PRO Communication Protocol. Advanced users who want to create their own custom code / firmware can use the Arduino IDE (via STMduino) and available test code.

Lynxmotion PRO Humanoid Robot Concept


  • All metal strain wave gear coupled to a powerful NEMA 14 stepper motor offering high torque at low speeds.
  • USB input and CAN BUS Communication
  • Human readable LSS Pro Communication Protocol (actions, queries, configurations)
  • Daisy chained: RJ45 & XT60 
  • Feedback: position, temperature, IMU, operating status & more
  • 30V nominal input voltage
  • STM32 microcontroller, stepper controller and 16 bit magnetic encoder

Lynxmotion Smart Servo PRO Wiring

Lynxmotion Smart Servo PRO Wiring

  • 1x Lynxmotion Smart Servo PRO Lite Actuator (LSS-P-L1)
  • 1x USB cable (A to C)
  • 1x RJ45 communication cable (CAN Bus)
  • 1x Power cable with XT60
  • 1x  Lynxmotion PRO LSS-P-S1 & L1 Cable Holder & Screw
  • 6x Steel Socket Head Screw - Black - M4 x 12mm - 4.0mm Hex
  • 10x  Standard Cable Tie - Overall Width 4.8mm & Length 160mm
  • Ball-End Hex L-Key 2.0mm
  • Ball-End Hex L-Key 2.5mm
  • Ball-End Hex L-Key 3.0mm

  • Nominal Voltage (recommended): 30V
  • Nominal torque: 14Nm (7.5rpm) / 6Nm (15rpm)
  • Nominal speed: 15rpm (full step); 7.5rpm (½ step)
  • DC Motor: NEMA 14 Bipolar Stepper
  • Gear ratio: 1:100
  • Communication type: Serial (via USB) or CAN (Bus)
  • Communication protocol: Custom Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS)
  • Operating angle: 360° absolute and virtual multi-turn
  • Connectors: USB, RJ45, XT60
  • Weight: 1.1Kg

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