PicoBricks - Raspberry Pi Pico Starter Kit with 12 Sensors and Extensive Learning Guide, Raspberry Pi IoT To Expert

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  • COMPLETE LEARNING KIT: PicoBricks is an all-in-one kit featuring a Raspberry Pi Pico and 12 sensors, making it perfect for beginners starting their coding and electronics journey.
  • IN-DEPTH GUIDE: Explore electronics and coding confidently with the 234-page tutorial, covering essential electronics knowledge and a wide range of Raspberry Pi Pico projects.
  • GREAT FOR EDUCATION: PicoBricks is an excellent choice for educators and students interested in STEM subjects, offering hands-on learning for coding and electronics.
  • EASY SETUP: PicoBricks requires no soldering or complex wiring, providing a simple and hassle-free experience. Focus on your creativity and coding without technical hurdles.
  • VERSATILE PROTOTYPING: PicoBricks is a versatile platform for makers of all levels, allowing you to experiment with ideas and create prototypes effortlessly. It's a powerful tool for projects.

The perfect solution when you’re pondering “what is coding for kids?” or searching for beginner-friendly “python for kids” tools. It’s more than just a toy; it’s a bridge to the world of STEM education and its endless benefits.

For starters, PicoBricks simplifies the intricate world of electrical circuits and programming. Often, when diving into this realm, many feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. But with the PicoBricks Basic Kit, uncertainty becomes a thing of the past. It’s designed for those who are keen on coding for kids and even offers a peek into the wonders of raspberry pi for kids.

Boasting a board with 10 powerful, pre-assembled modules connected to the Raspberry Pi Pico, it eliminates the daunting tasks of wiring or soldering. This is not just any kids’ robotics kit – it’s your child’s first step into the world of STEM, a field rich with STEM education jobs and opportunities.

Safety, Versatility, and Learning – All in One Box

Thinking about the benefits of STEM education? With PicoBricks, not only does your child gain hands-on experience, but they also engage in safe learning. Without the need for soldering or wiring, you’re assured of their safety. Plus, the pins available allow for connections to other sensors, making this a versatile beginner robotics kit.

For those already familiar with the maker space and have existing sensors, PicoBricks is still the go-to choice. With its ten modules that can be easily integrated into various projects, it’s a breeze to merge with other tech tools. And if you’re looking for ways on how to teach python to kids, PicoBricks has got you covered.

Easy coding for kids with PicoBricks’ IDE

Coding can be a challenge, especially for kids. That’s why PicoBricks comes with its own IDE, making coding toys for kids more accessible. Beginners can dive into block coding with platforms like scratch and microblocks. As they drag and drop, they’ll not only understand the algorithm’s logic but also get a glimpse of Python codes, making the journey of learn python for kids smooth and enjoyable.

For those more acquainted with programming, the Thonny IDE and Arduino IDE are excellent platforms. Thonny, a user-friendly Python IDE, and Arduino IDE, primarily designed for Arduino but compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico, ensure a seamless coding experience.

Everything You Need and More

The kit doesn’t stop at just the PicoBricks. It also includes connecting cables, an IR sensor, an IR receiver, a battery holder, jumper cables, a small breadboard, and even a wooden stand for PicoBricks. This holistic approach ensures that children have everything they need to dive deep into the world of coding and robotics.

In conclusion, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect coding toys for kids or pondering the best way to introduce raspberry pi for kids, look no further than PicoBricks. It’s the ultimate gateway to understanding the myriad benefits of STEM education and the world of programming. Join the future; choose PicoBricks.

PicoBricks Main Board

Raspberry Pi Pico W

Quick Start Guide

Wooden Stand

Base Plate

Cloth Carry Bag

Battery Holder

USB Cable

Mini Breadboard

Jumper Cables

Connecting Cables

Smart Greenhouse Kit

Bluetooth Module

Servo Motor

Soil Moisture Sensor

PIR Sensor

DC Motor

Gas Sensor


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