Petoi Nybble Robotic Cat V2 (Un-assembled)

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  • Petoi Nybble Robotic Cat V2 (Un-assembled)
  • Nybble V2 includes a rechargeable Li-Ion Battery providing 70 Min of playing time
  • Build your own robot cat with a screw-free interlocking puzzle frame (needs assembly)
  • Explore real-world with programmable maneuverabilities
  • Open source - extensible and customizable
  • Hands-on experiences - learn STEM and robotics
  • Petoi Controller App available for iOs & Android
  • Ages: 14+

The Petoi Nybble Robotic Cat V2 (Un-assembled) is the lightest and fastest robotic cat that really walks. Built on an open-source platform, Nybble has endless possibilities in the way you can "teach" tricks, behaviors, and CAT-itude as you program it and help it grow. You can even mount a Raspberry Pi to help Nybble think!

Nybble is not only a robotic cat that walks, it's a new type of pet - an advanced robotic kitten that YOU bring to life with a small computer, customizable software, a basic components kit, and whatever upgrades you can imagine!. The Robotic Cat V2 comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, providing 70 minutes of playing time

Extensible Arduino module and Raspberry Pi Support

You can program in your favorite languages (C++in Arduino IDE, and Python in the terminal), and direct Nybble walk around simply by sending short commands, such as "walk" or "turn left"!

3D puzzle frame

Nybble's frame is an easily assemble-able puzzle. The wooden frame is a retro design in honor of its pop stick-framed ancestor. The wisdom of traditional Chinese woodwork was borrowed to make the major frame screw-free. Detailed assembling instructions will be available. Or...challenge yourself and try to solve the puzzle on your own!

Nybble's motion is driven by an Arduino-compatible microcontroller. It stores instinctive "muscle memory" to move around. An optional AI chip, such as Raspberry Pi can be mounted on top of Nybble's back, to help Nybble with perception and decision.

You can program in your favorite language, and direct Nybble to walk around simply by sending short commands, such as "walk" or "turn left"!

Joint tuner

Nybble is adorable, but it’s still a precise instrument. To make it walk, it takes patience and precision. To help you through the challenges, also a nice gadget has been included, the “L” tuner for calibrating your Nybble at times. Just turn Nybble to calibration mode and align the observation windows, type proper calibrations, and Nybble will remember them at once.

Learn programming with Nybble

After assembling Nybble, some entry-level computer skills are required to upload the code and tune Nybble to walking order. You'll need a little willingness to learn and teach it new tricks!

Nybble is for everyone!

If you like graceful cats, tiny computers, hackable software, customizable models, or connecting with new friends around the world, this project is for you!

If you’re flying solo and just want to enjoy making Nybble yours, you can hack, reprogram, paint, decorate and pose your Nybble in any way you can imagine. If you’re looking for a fun and meaningful group project for your family or classroom, this tiny kitten brings out the best in people, unlocking curiosity and joy.

Nybble V2

  • 1x Petoi Nybble Robotic Cat V2 (Un-assembled)
  • 1x Micro-USB to USB cable
  • 1x 7.4V 1000 mAh Li-Ion Battery


  • 250 x 107 x 140 mm / 10 x 4.2 x 5.5 inch

  • Number of joints: 11
  • Frame material: Wood
  • Software Supported: Arduino IDE - a Python API sending serial commands
  • App: 3rd party Android / iOS app
  • Assembly time by Petoi: 100 mins
  • Weight: 350 g


  • Controller board: NyBoard V1
  • CPU: ATMega328PA
  • External EEPROM: 64 Kbit
  • IMU: 6-Axis MPU6050
  • PWM channels: 16
  • Grove: 4
  • RGB LED (NeoPixel): 7
  • Built-in connectivity & features: Serial UART, I2C network, infrared receiver, buzzer
  • Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity: Official Bluetooth and WiFi dongles
  • Raspberry Pi support: Yes


  • Servo: DS031
  • Quantities in pack: 11
  • Max voltage: 8.4 V
  • Wall Material: Plastic
  • Gear: Alloy
  • Motor: Cored

Battery Requirement

  • Battery Type: Li-ion battery pack
  • Battery included: Yes
  • Capacity: 7.4V 1000 mAh
  • Current (typical/max): 2 A / 5 A
  • Battery life: about 70 minutes
  • Charger: USB 5 V 1 A
  • Charge time: 2 hrs
  • Charger included: No
  • Charging cable: Micro-USB to USB cable included

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