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  • 4A Stepper Phidget by Phidgets
  • Compact Phidget controls Position, Velocity, and Acceleration
  • Features Two Drive Modes for targeted or continuous Rotation
  • Monitors Supply Voltage for Power Management and Troubleshooting
  • Includes Multiple Protective Measures against Damage and Overheating
  • Offers Failsafe Protection and Power-saving Capabilities

The Phidgets 4A Stepper Phidget is a compact controller for a single bipolar stepper motor, designed to be connected to a VINT hub. This device offers control over the motor's position, velocity, and acceleration, in addition to current control with distinct settings for current limit and holding current.

The controller is equipped with two drive modes: the step mode, which designates a target position in 1/16th steps, and the run mode, which facilitates continuous rotation at a predetermined velocity. It also incorporates features for monitoring supply voltage, which can be beneficial for diagnosing power-related issues and managing applications powered by batteries.

The 4A Stepper Phidget is designed with several protective measures, including isolation and polarity protection, as well as safeguards against damage to the power supply from power surges and overheating. It also includes failsafe protection and power-saving capabilities. This device is suitable for new designs and is expected to be available for a decade or longer.

Please note that the 4A Stepper Phidget is designed to be connected to a VINT hub. Always ensure to use it within its specified current limit and holding current to prevent damage. Also, be aware of its failsafe protection and power-saving capabilities.

  • 1x Phidgets 4A Stepper Phidget

Board Properties

  • Controlled By: VINT
  • VINT Communication Speed Max: 100 kbit/s

Controller Properties

  • Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper
  • Number of Motor Ports: 1
  • Motor Position Resolution: 1/16 Step (40-Bit Signed)
  • Position Max: ± 1E+15 1/16 steps
  • Stepper Velocity Resolution: 1 1/16 steps/sec
  • Stepper Velocity Max: 115000 1/16 steps/sec
  • Stepper Acceleration Resolution: 1 1/16 steps/sec²
  • Stepper Acceleration Min: 2 1/16 steps/sec²
  • Stepper Acceleration Max: 1E+07 1/16 steps/sec²
  • Sampling Interval Min: 100 ms/sample
  • Sampling Interval Max: 60 s/sample

Electrical Properties

  • Available Current per Coil Max: 4 A
  • Supply Voltage Min: 10 V DC
  • Supply Voltage Max: 30 V DC
  • Current Consumption Min (VINT Port): 200 μA
  • Current Consumption Max (VINT Port): 2.5 mA
  • Replacement Fuse: 5A Slow Blow Blade Type, Regular or Micro

Physical Properties

  • Recommended Wire Size: 16 - 26 AWG
  • Operating Temperature Min: -20 °C
  • Operating Temperature Max: 85 °C

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