Pololu 2.5-9.5V Adjustable Boost Regulator

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  • Adjustable switching DC-DC converter
  • Input voltage: 1.5V to 16V
  • Selectable output voltage: 2.5V - 9.5V
  • Integrated over-temperature and over-current shutoff

This powerful Pololu 2.5-9.5V Adjustable Boost Regulator can generate an output voltage as high as 9.5V from an input voltage as low as 1.5V. A trimmer potentiometer lets you set the boost regulator's output voltage to a value between 2.5V and 9.5V.

It is a very flexible switching regulator (also called a switched-mode power supply, SMPS, or DC-to-DC converter) that can generate voltages higher than its input voltage. Manufacturer also offers another adjustable range of approximately 4V to 25V. The output voltage can be set using the trimmer potentiometer in the upper-right corner of the board. The input voltage range is 1.5V to 16V (the input voltage should be kept below the output voltage). The integrated 2A switch allows for output currents high enough to drive small motors, as in Pololu's 3pi robot, and allows large voltage gains, such as obtaining 24V from two NiMH or NiCd cells. This regulator features a typical efficiency of 80-90% when doubling voltage and with 100-500 mA output.

Application examples:

  • Powering 5V or 3.3V systems from lower-voltage batteries
  • Powering 5V subsystems (e.g. sensors) in lower-voltage (e.g. 3.3 V) systems
  • Achieving consistent actuator operation when powered by fluctuating batteries
  • Powering high-brightness LEDs or a large number of LEDs in series

Pololu 2.5-9.5V Adjustable Boost Regulator

Note: For high-volume applications, this product can be customized with fixed output voltages ranging from 2V to 30V.




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