Power Supply Protector Inline Medium

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  • Power Supply Protector Inline Medium
  • Voltage: 6 - 48 V
  • Current: 20 - 30 A continuous, 60 A peak
  • Ideal diode function
  • Reverse current flow and input polarity protection
  • Inductive kickback spike protection
  • Optional plastic enclosure

The Power Supply Protector Inline Medium is a range of related products offered by Robot Power for the protection of AC/DC power supplies used to power motors and motor controllers.

The function of the PS Protector family of products is to protect this type of power supply from reverse current flow generated by the electric motor Back-EMF. Battery power supplies can generally just absorb a brief amount of reverse current without issues.

Power Supply Protector Inline Medium - Click to Enlarge

The PS Protector family acts as an "Ideal Diode" by using a low-resistance MOSFET to pass current in the forward direction with very low losses but to instantly (a few nanoseconds) switch off the MOSFET to block reverse current.  As soon as the output voltage level is lower than its input the PS Protector turns the MOSFET on to allow normal current flow again.

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