RoboClaw 2x30A, 6-34VDC Regenerative Motor Controller

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  • Dual channel synchronous regenerative motor controller
  • Automatically maintain speed and direction
  • 2 Channels at 30Amp each, peak 60Amp
  • Lithium cutoff mode to protect batteries from damage

The RoboClaw 2x30A, 6-34VDC Regenerative Motor Controller is an extremely efficient, versatile, dual channel synchronous regenerative motor controller. It can supply two brushed DC motors with 30 Amps continuous and 60 Amps peak. The RoboClaw also includes a 3 Amp switch mode BEC. RoboClaw supports multiple sensor inputs including dual quadrature encoders with up to 19.6 million pulses per second, potentiometers and absolute encoders. With dual quadrature decoding you get greater control over speed, velocity and direction. Automatically maintain speed and direction even if the load changes. With the ability to use potentiometers you can easily create giant servo systems and control them from any of RoboClaw's interface modes.

RoboClaw 2x30A, 6-34VDC Regenerative Motor Controller

As a synchronous regenerative motor controller RoboClaw will charge the attached battery during a slow down or breaking action. With the advance circuitry it can also change direction during full throttle without damage. Get the power to win your next robotics competition.

RoboClaw 2x30A, 6-34VDC Regenerative Motor Controller


  • USB Interface
  • 3.3V Compliant Outputs
  • 5V Tolerant Inputs
  • Quadrature Encoders
  • Absolute Encoders
  • Position and Velocity Control
  • Encoders Supported in all Modes
  • High Resolution Current Sense
  • High Speed Direction Change
  • 5V 3 Amp Switch Mode BEC
  • Battery Level Monitoring
  • Dual Channel Quadrature Decoding
  • Dual 19,600,000 PPS Per Channel

RoboClaw 2x30A, 6-34VDC Regenerative Motor Controller

  • Board size: 2''W X 2.9''L
  • Hole pattern: 0.125D, 1.8''W x 2.6''H

Customer Reviews

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good motor controller

very good and robust motor controller , that works well with rc control or via microcontroller

RoboClaw 2X30A DC MOTOR DRIVE - Largescale remote controlled slope mower - 32" cut

RoboClaw 2X30A DC MOTOR DRIVE I have used both the Sabertooth and the RoboClaw dual channel DC drives for largescale remote controlled slope mowers (150kgs). The Roboclaw is far more user friendly in that it is programmable via the micromotion software and supports more advanced features such as: 1) Encoder feedback 2) Individual motor accel. decel. ramps 3) External regenerative breaking via. an external load eg. breaking resistor and or a capacitor - critical for controlling brownouts specifically on larger payload robots and in my case slopes. 4) Remote estop essential for any largescale RC robots. Roboclaw has the feel of a more expensive industrial motor drive and support many other programmable features of which I haven't yet used in any of my projects. I hope the above is helpful best regards, Alan here in NZ.

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