Scorpion Mini Dual 6.5A 6V to 28V R/C DC Motor Driver

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  • Indicator LED for speed and direction of motor on each channel
  • Status LED status information and mode indications
  • Failsafe shuts off motors if R/C signal is lost
  • Mix Jumper can be cut to enable separate control of each channel
  • Ceramic oscillator (crystal) for stable operation at all temperatures

The Scorpion Mini Dual 6.5A 6V to 28V R/C DC Motor Driver is a small low-cost high-performance dual channel H-bridge speed controller for small robots, and other electrical loads. It is designed for ant and beetle weight combat robots, R2D2 replicas, sumo robots, and other small robots such as firefighting robots, maze solvers and carpet rovers. The Scorpion Mini is also suitable to drive pneumatic valves, solenoids, relays and thermoelectric coolers.

Scorpion Mini Dual 6.5A 6V to 28V R/C DC Motor Driver- Click to Enlarge

The Scorpion Mini is designed to pack the highest power handling capability, flexibility of control and usability options into the smallest package.

Scorpion Mini Dual 6.5A 6V to 28V R/C DC Motor Driver- Click to Enlarge

  • Size: 2.00" x 1.50" x .5"
  • Weight: 24.0 grams
  • Standard R/C pulse format
  • 6.0V to 28V battery voltage
  • 6.5A continuous (8A peak) current on each channel.
  • Fully reversible H-bridge design. Equal power handling in both directions on both channels.
  • Full current limiting and over temp limiting. This thing is nearly blow proof! Motors and batteries are protected from dead short conditions.
  • Two channels may be either mixed (throttle/steering) or separately controlled. Ideal for skid steer vehicles/robots.
  • Receiver battery eliminator circuit (BEC) standard - may be disabled. This can provide up to 100 mA of current at 5V to the RC receiver and other attached electronic circuits.
  • Calibrate function to match unit to radio signal range. Settings retained in EEPROM non-volatile storage.
  • Lipo Jumper can be cut to enable low-voltage cutoff when using Lipo batteries. This avoids over discharge which can damage batteries of this type
  • FLASH-based microcontroller with upgradeable software via in-circuit programming header

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Hard to kill

This little driver is hard to kill. Unfortunately I tried and got something crossed and one side went poof. Talked with customer service and they said the other channel might still work (I only need to drive one motor) and also advised to cut the mix jumper for my application. It worked!! Thanks Roboshop

Seems like a really nice chip.

Fit and finish are nice, solder's look good. I plugged this into my Spectrum DX6E, hooked to two 9v motors on the "Osepp TANK" robot platform. Works great! Automatic channel mixing done right on the motor control. there's a jumper to pull off to enable separate control of each channel. The price was right, Don't hesitate!

it IS a really nice chip.

Just an update review! purchased 5/20/2017 today is 3-20-19 This chip is still piloting my little robot around just fine! quality lasting product.

very happy with this controller

Bought 2 of these for a project and worked flawlessly. Set up is a breeze and have had no issues. I am purchasing more for other projects i am working on

Great for combat bots

I used these for an Antweight and a Beetleweight robot this year. Controls and power are reliable and worked great.

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