Seeedstudio Basic Electronic Components Pack

SeeedStudioSKU: RB-See-26
Manufacturer #: 110990034

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  • Pack of commonly used electronic componets.
  • 20 different components in bundles of five and ten
  • Includes: Resistors, Ceramic and Electrolytic capacitors, and Red and Green LEDs

1/4W Resistors:

  • 2.2O x10
  • 10O x10
  • 47O x10
  • 100O x10
  • 680O x10
  • 1kO x10
  • 10kO x10
  • 22kO x10
  • 68kO x10
  • 100kO x10
  • 330kO x10
  • 1MO x10

Ceramic capacitors:

  • 100pF x10
  • 10nF x10
  • 100nF x10
  • 2.2nF x10

Electrolytic capacitors:

  • 10uF x5
  • 470uF x5


  • 3mm Red x5
  • 3mm Green x5

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
An excellent assortment of components

This is a nice assortment of components for a good price. I found no defective components in the entire pack! I use the pack for my PICAXE 20M2 microcontrollers [RB-Pic-31] experiments on a bread board [RB-Cix-10] with no problems!

Good value

Great value!!! An essential buy for any electronics-related projects. I've stuck with this pack for a year now and i'm very satisfied. No defective products.

Very nice

The basic electronics component pack is exactly that, everything you need for the basics and i was missing a lot before i bought this so its good to have all the extra resistors around and what not. Would buy!

Great Pack, Usual nominal values

This is a really great pack of electronic componentes. It has everything said in the description. Also, the values of the componentes are really great, because are the usual nominal values and provides you a lot of different combinations. The capacitors and resistors are really great for making low and high pass filters.

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