Solar-Breeze NX Intelligent Solar Robot Pool Skimmer

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  • Automatic debris collection
  • Distributes sanitizer
  • No grid energy
  • Revolutionizes pool cleaning in a smart, simple and sustainable way

The Solar-Breeze NX Intelligent Solar Robot Pool Skimmer revolutionizes pool cleaning in a smart, simple and sustainable way.

Pools collect leaves, dust, pollen and other debris all day long. Debris typically floats for 3-4 hours before it decays and sinks to the bottom. By then, it has already produced the bacteria that feed the growth of algae in your pool. Using advanced robotics, the Solar-Breeze intelligently navigates your pool removing dirt and debris from the surface - before that debris has a chance to produce bacteria and sink to the bottom.

The Solar-Breeze NX is NOT dependent on grid-energy. Unlike other pool cleaning systems, it is completely un-plugged, with no cords or hoses, and works whether the pool pump is running or not. Using free solar energy, the robot continuously cleans the surface of the pool all day long. During this time, excess energy is stored in a rechargeable lithium ion battery, powering the unit well into the night.

Solar-Breeze NX Intelligent Solar Robot Pool Skimmer- Click to Enlarge

The Solar-Breeze NX can also distribute sanitizer from its built-in dispenser while it cleans the surface of your pool, helping to keep your pool hygienic & swim ready.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Much better than expected.

We have 2 English Springer Spaniels dogs, the hair on the surface and in the filter was driving me crazy. Not any more. The Solar Breeze skimmer is amazing The only place I find any hair is in the catch basket on the bottom of the Solar Breeze. AWESOME!!!!!

Love it,does work excelend

Great Unit,had one that lasted 8 yrs,but learned not to leave it in the shed or outside box over the Winter,need to be stored inside

Buy it!

Our pool skimmer was placed in about the worst spot possible. Its near the steps and on the upwind side of the pool. I purchased the Solar Breeze NX hoping it would solve our problem and it definitely did! Best pool accessory purchase I've made!

Very impressed

I cringed at the thought of spending this much on a skimmer, but decided to give it a shot. There are several palm trees in our area that were constantly dropping white seeds in the pool. We would skim for an hour, and then give up as they constantly were falling. I have to say, this is the BEST investment we have made in our pool. The water is always so crystal clear now. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 for the mere fact that it does get stuck on the hose to the pool vacuum from time to time. All in all, a great purchase, and I would recommend to anyone that wants to save LOTS of time and frustration on the upkeep of their pool.


I really love this product,i really haven't got to see it operate at it's full potential because the weather here in South Louisiana has been raining a lot and it really hasn't held a charge and ran for long ,but the few days it did charge it really picked up all the floating debris on the surface,the one thing i don't like about it is that in the middle of the night it runs out of juice and your pool pump is not running and some leaves fall in it and a few make it to the bottom, other than that when it is running it picks up everything

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