ST Robotics R17 5-Axis Articulated Robot Arm

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  • 5-axis articulated robot arm w/ 750mm reach
  • Easy mounting of tools, grippers, sensors etc
  • Fully enclosed; pneumatics and wiring go through the arm
  • Gripper sold separately (see options)
  • Many options available

The ST Robotics R17 5-Axis Articulated Robot Arm is a low cost entry to robotics, fast, accurate and reliable and easy to program. It has a long reach and therefore a larger and much more useful workspace than comparable machines. There are R17 Mk1s in service which have been running 3 shifts a day for ten years without failure. The R17 is a self-contained five axis vertically articulated robot arm system designed as a cost effective solution for processes requiring long reach or difficult access. Applications include product testing, sample handling, parts handling, machine feeding, welding, spraying, sound measurement and many more. It is easy to apply and program yet is capable of the most intricate tasks. Note that the only item not included is a gripper, since the choice of gripper is often application specific. See gripper options below.

ST Robotics R17 5-Axis Articulated Robot Arm

The Mk5 uses new light weight, high speed, high efficiency hybrid stepping motors with intelligent micro-stepping for both power and speed and for low speed precision when required. Each motion of the robot is monitored by the encoders that stop all motion in the event of a collision or other problem. The Mk5 package includes the new Mk5 controller that again is simple and reliable using a partnership of CPU and DSP micro-processors and compact MOSFET drives. ROBOFORTH II embedded software gets you started easily yet permits the most complex motions, interfaces and peripherals to be programmed, assisted by ROBWIN project manager that brings everything together on one Windows screen. Everyone who uses this system agrees it is the most flexible robot software on the planet. You'll find it a joy to use.

ST Robotics R17 5-Axis Articulated Robot Arm


  • User friendly software, English language commands
  • Easy mounting of tools, grippers, sensors etc
  • Fully enclosed; pneumatics and wiring go through the arm, not strapped to the outside.
  • Complete with controller, software, on-screen manuals, cables, etc. Ready to go
  • Optional pneumatic or electric grippers, vacuum pickup, tool changers, collision detection.
  • Incremental encoder watchdogs
  • R17 is supplied ready to run -- robot, controller, all cables, Windows GUI project manager, teach pad
  • On-screen manuals
  • Optional linear track, I/O expansion, bluetooth teachpad, TCP/IP


Options (sold separately, contact us for a quote)


The role of the encoders in the R127level 1 option is as a watchdogs. The loop is closed after completion of each individual motion which is not the same as servo control. The R17 encoder option includes miniature optical incremental encoders fitted to each axis.
Without encoders the R17 will run accurately and indefinitely open loop without error thanks to micro-stepping drives and accurate transmission. But if the robot suffers a collision then the controller does not know and carries on with the program even though the robot could be out of position. Such collisions usually only occur accidentally during programming and rarely during normal running. It is necessary to run the calibrate routine after such a collision. With the encoder option the controller notices the discrepancy immediately, stops the robot and announces an error.

If the encoder option is not fitted, a software solution is provided in the form of a quick calibration check that can be included in every robot cycle or n cycles. If there is an error it is reported and the system stops.
As standard the robots have a mounting flange (see diagrams below). End effectors currently include: electric gripper, SMC 10mm pneumatic gripper, vacuum pickups.
Note: pneumatic gripper is shown with special fingers made for a particular application, not part of the option. Fingers to suit the clients product may be made by the client or ST.
ST Robotics R17 5-Axis Articulated Robot Arm
Sixth Axis

This is a simple solution that makes the 6th axis entirely optional as opposed to being an integral part of the design. Using a small motor and gearbox it is accurate and tough. Programming is an extension to the Cartesian functions of RoboForth. In this way the system can ensure the end effector points in the same direction (same orientation to X Y Z axes) as the robot moves around, or indeed in any direction you choose. See the 6th axis version in video
ST Robotics R17 5-Axis Articulated Robot Arm
Linear track
Up to 3m length, using a powerful motor and two recirculating crossed roller bearings. High resolution or high speed options. See video
12-axis system
Includes 2 R17 robots on a programmable carousel. Two robot controllers are interlinked to synchronize the two robots. The maximum number of axes in total is 13. Video available here
ST Robotics R17 5-Axis Articulated Robot Arm
Workspace Sentry System
The ST workspace sentry system comprises a module with 3 infra-red beams set at approx 30 degree angles. The beam works by sending out an infra-red pulse and timing how long it takes to get back. Because the beam is a pulse it is independent of background heat. The module connects into the emergency stop circuit of an ST robot controller. Breaking a beam has the same effect as pressing the stop button. The modules can be used singly or 2 or 3 modules may be daisy-chained.




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