Starter Kit for Arduino

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  • Starter Kit for Arduino
  • Offers 13 modules
  • Working voltage: 3.3 ~5 V
  • Output type: Digital and Analog signals

The Starter Kit for Arduino offers thirteen modules: LED, RGB, Button, Photoresistor, Active buzzer, Passive buzzer, Touch sensor, Tracking, Fan, Infrared receiving, Microphone, Potentiometer, and Ultrasonic.

LED module

LED is the abbreviation of the light-emitting diode. It is usually made of gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide semiconductor material. LED has two electrodes, one positive and one negative.

RGB module

RGB LED consists of 3 LEDs. Each led has a red light, a green light, and a blue light. These three colors LEDs can produce any color. The RGB LED has red, green, and blue light transmitters and is usually connected to a common lead (anode or cathode) using three wires.

Button module

Buttons are common components used to control electronic devices. They are usually used as switches to connect or disconnect circuits. Under normal circumstances, the two contacts of the button are in the open state, and they only close when the button is pressed.

Photoresistor module

A photoresistor is a kind of light-controlled variable resistor. Photoresistors have photoconductivity and can be used in photodetectors. Photoresistors are made of high resistance semiconductors.

Active and Passive buzzer modules

The buzzer is a kind of audio signal device. As an integrated electronic buzzer, it is powered by DC voltage and widely used in computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers, and other electronic product voice equipment.

Touch sensor module

The touch module is a capacitive touch switch module based on touch detection. Normally, the module outputs a low level; When touching the corresponding position with fingers, the module will output a high level.

Tracking module

The tracking module is used to transmit light to the road by the infrared transmitting tube. When the infrared light encounters black, it is absorbed. The receiving tube does not receive the reflected light and outputs a high level.

Fan module

DC motor is a kind of motor that converts DC electric energy into mechanical energy. The most common type depends on the force produced by the magnetic field.

Infrared receiving module

The external receiving tube is an electronic device that receives infrared light. For example, our TV sets, air conditioners, and other household appliances need infrared receivers. We all know that the remote control emits infrared light.

Microphone module

Output module, digital-analog interface. It acts as a microphone. It is used to receive sound waves and display vibration images, but it can not measure the intensity of noise.

Potentiometer module

The potentiometer is a kind of three-terminal resistance element whose resistance can be changed according to certain rules. It usually consists of a resistance element and a movable brush.

Ultrasonic Module

This module is used to measure the distance. By sending and receiving ultrasonic waves, it measures the time required for the sound to rebound from the object and return to the sensor.

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