YDLIDAR G2 360° Laser Scanner

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  • YDLIDAR G2 360° Laser Scanner
  • Features a 360° Omnidirectional scanning range
  • Offers small distance error, stable performance and high accuracy
  • Has a 5-12 Hz adaptive scanning frequency

The YDLIDAR G2 360° Laser Scanner is a two-dimensional rangefinder (hereinafter referred to as G2) developed by YDLIDAR team. Based on the principle of triangulation, it is equipped with related optics, electricity, and algorithm design to achieve high-frequency and high-precision distance measurement.

The mechanical structure rotates 360 degrees to continuously output the angle information as well as the point cloud data of the scanning environment while ranging.

YDLIDAR G2 360° Laser Scanner - Click to Enlarge

G2 provides a PH2.0-5P female connector with functional interfaces for system power, data communication and motor control. Data communication With a 3.3 V level serial port (UART), users can connect the external system and the product through the physical interface.

After that, you can obtain the real-time scanned point cloud data,device information as well as device status. The G2 has its own motor drive with motor speed control function and a command interface instead of a hardware interface for motor control. Please refer to the development manual of this product for details.

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